Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Legislative Update

The 2011 Wyoming Legislature is now in full-swing. We hope everyone watched Governor Mead deliver the State of the State address to a joint session of the legislature this morning. New bills are being filed every day and we continue to watch them closely. In addition to the bills listed in our previous blog post, here are several new bills that we will be monitoring.

HB0094 – Illegal Immigration - AN ACT relating to immigration; establishing an offense for failure to carry an alien registration document; establishing offenses for unlawful hiring and unlawful employment; establishing an offense for unlawful transporting of aliens; providing for the determination and communication of immigration status; prohibiting employment of unauthorized alien’s requiring employers to participate in the e-verify program; authorizing warrantless arrest for offenses that make a person removable from the United Sates; providing penalties; providing for severability of provisions; and providing for an effective date.

This is a copy of the Arizona “papers please” bill, including sections that are being challenged as unconstitutional in federal courts. It is offensive on many levels; however, immigration laws are controlled by the U.S. Congress and not by the states. This is another example of an unnecessary mean spirited piece of legislation that is sure to be found unconstitutional.

We oppose this bill

HB0118 – Abortion – Available information for decision – AN ACT relating to public health and safety; requiring physicians to provide patients with specified information before certain nonemergency abortion procedures; providing definitions and amending a definition; and providing for an effective date.

The This bill would unnecessarily delay a woman’s ability to obtain an abortion – solely for the purpose of providing her biased, inaccurate information and to attempt to shame her out of her decision. The bill puts government into the examination room, and lets politics come between a woman and her physician.

We oppose this bill

SJ0005 – Defense of Marriage – Constitutional amendment – A JOINT RESOLUTION proposing to amend the Wyoming Constitution by creating a new section specifying that a marriage between a man and a woman shall be the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in Wyoming.

This is another attempt at continuing the discrimination and unequal treatment of the gay and lesbian community. It is unnecessary and mean spirited.

We oppose this resolution