Thursday, March 3, 2011

HB74 Defeated!!!

HB74 – Validity of Marriages, a measure banning recognition of out-of-state gay marriages was voted down by the Senate yesterday afternoon by a narrow 14–16 vote. Earlier in the day, the bill barely passed the Wyoming House by a vote of 31–28. The Wyoming ACLU is extremely delighted that HB74 did not pass! Thank you to everyone involved with helping defeat this bill. A special thanks goes to all legislators that voted against this measure, we truly appreciate your vote!!!


Senator Burns
Senator Case
Senator Christensen
Senator Coe
Senator Driskill
Senator Emerich
Senator Esquibel
Senator Hastert
Senator Hines
Senator Landen
Senator Martin
Senator Nicholas
Senator Rothfuss
Senator Schiffer
Senator Scott
Senator Von Flatern


Representative Barbuto
Representative Berger
Representative Blake
Representative Bonner
Representative Brown
Representative Byrd
Representative Childers
Representative Connolly
Representative Craft
Representative Esquibel
Representative Freeman
Representative Gingery
Representative Goggles
Representative Greene
Representative Illoway
Representative Kasperik
Representative McOmie
Representative Moniz
Representative Nicholas
Representative Patton
Representative Petroff
Representative Roscoe
Representative Steward
Representative Throne
Representative Vranish
Representative Wallis
Representative Dan Zwonitzer
Representative David Zwonitzer