Thursday, January 31, 2013

Help Us Defeat (Another) Anti-Choice Bill in Wyoming

ACTION NEEDED: We need your help to defeat Senate File 88, the so-called "Woman'sright to reproductive safety and information.” This bill would impose a 24-hour waiting period on women who are seeking abortion services, impose an ultrasound requirement, and require women to be given government-specified information regarding abortion (including medically inaccurate information such as abortion causing an increased risk of breast cancer). It would ban nearly every abortion in Wyoming, no matter what a woman's circumstances.

SF88 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The committee hearing will be tomorrow , Friday, February 1, at 8:00 am in Room 302.  Please e-mail the Senate Judiciary Committee members and ask them to VOTE "NO" on Senate File 88, "Woman's right to reproductive safety and information."

Senator John Schiffer, Chairman -
Senator Bruce Burns -
Senator Leland Christensen -
Senator Floyd Esquibel -
Senator Larry Hicks -

You may also vocalize your opposition to House Bill 97 at the online voter hotline, or by calling the telephone hotline -- 1-866-996-8683 (or 307-777-8683 for local callers within the Cheyenne area).  The telephone hotline is staffed only when the Legislature is in session, approximately 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday.

We need to defeat this bill in committee so that it does not move on to the full Senate.  Thank you for helping us oppose this dangerous and mean-spirited attempt to limit women's access to safe, legal abortion services in Wyoming.