Sunday, January 27, 2013

Help Us Defeat Anti-Choice Bill in Wyoming

ACTION NEEDED: We need your help to defeat House Bill 97- No abortion after heartbeat.  HB97 is an extreme measure that would ban nearly every abortion in Wyoming, no matter what a woman's circumstances -- and before most women even know they are pregnant!

HB97 has been assigned to the House Labor, Health and Social Services Committee.  The committee hearing will be tomorrow, Monday, January 28.  Please e-mail the House Labor, Health Committee members and ask them to VOTE "NO" on House Bill 97, "No abortion after heartbeat."

Representative Elaine Harvey, Chairman -
Representative Eric Barlow -
Representative Kathy Coleman -
Representative Lee Filer -
Representative Matt Greene -
Representative Norine Kasperik -
Representative Lloyd Larsen -
Representative Mary Throne -
Representative Sue Wilson -
You may also vocalize your opposition to House Bill 97 at the online voter hotline or by calling the telephone hotline -- 1-866-996-8683 (or 307-777-8683 for local callers within the Cheyenne area).  The telephone hotline is staffed only when the Legislature is in session, approximately 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday.

We need to defeat this bill in committee so that it does not move on to the full House!  Thank you for helping us oppose this extreme abortion ban.