Thursday, February 24, 2011


The Conference Committee for HB74 – Validity of Marriages was originally scheduled for 8:45 am, but has been moved to 4:15 pm TODAY. Unfortunately, no testimony will be accepted at the hearing. Of the six members of the Conference Committee, three are original sponsors of the bill (Hicks, Nutting, Kroeker). If the Conference Committee acts fast, HB74 could be back in the House and Senate as early as Friday.

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO KILL THIS BILL!!! We need to immediately get emails to the Representatives and Senators who we must hold in the “VOTE NO” camp on HB74. Below are the legislators who should be contacted right away. (To save everyone time, we won’t email the hard “yes” and hard “no” legislators – they aren’t budging on the issue.)

Legislators are busy individuals and may not have time to read lengthy emails, so please keep your message short and to-the-point. With you help, we can send a clear message that intolerance and discrimination have no place in the Equality State!

Sen. Burns -
Sen. Coe -
Sen. Christensen -
Sen. Driskell -
Sen. Emerich -
Sen. Hastert -
Sen. Hines -
Sen. Johnson -
Sen. Landen -
Sen. Nicholas -
Sen. Ross -
Sen. Schiffer -
Sen. Scott -

Rep. Berger -
Rep. Blikre -
Rep. Bonner -
Rep. Brown -
Rep. Byrd -
Rep. Campbell -
Rep. Freeman -
Rep. Gingery -
Rep. Greear -
Rep. Harvey -
Rep. Hunt -
Rep. Illoway -
Rep. Kasperik -
Rep. Krone -
Rep. Mcomie -
Rep. Moniz -
Rep. Nicholas -
Rep. Patton -
Rep. Shepperson -
Rep. Steward -