Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Legislative Update Feb. 9

This week has been very difficult with HB 251- Representative Brechtel’s Abortion – ultrasound information passing first reading on the House floor. The changes made in the bill made no improvement on the violation of doctor-patient relationship or the burdensome 24 hour waiting period. This bill continues to be an unnecessary bill the purpose of which is to invade women’s private reproductive health decisions and insert religious belief into our statutes. Significant amendments were made and passed today however the fact remains that this bill should simply be voted down. We STRONGLY oppose this bill.

HB40 – Compensation for persons exonerated based on DNA will be heard in the Senate judiciary at 8 A.m. tomorrow morning. This bill has received good support and has had few amendments. We support this bill.

HB69 – Prescriptions for marijuana invalid – is moving forward with few amendments and will start its journey through the Senate this week. Unfortunately, it looks like this bill has support and will pass. We oppose this bill.

HB74- Validity of marriage Despites it’s numerous legal problems this bill along with SJ5 - Defense of marriage –constitutional amendment continue to pass through the process. Both of these bills are unnecessary, discriminatory, and probably unconstitutional on both a state and federal level. We STRONGLY oppose this bill.

HB121- Public Records has passed out of the house and been assigned to House Judiciary Committee. This bill would do a great deal to strengthen our current public records act. We support this bill.