Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ACTION ALTERT: Ask Senators to vote NO on HB74 TODAY

A discriminatory proposal to void marriages and civil contracts performed in other states unless they are between “one man and one woman” will come before the Senate TODAY. Please take the time to email your Senator and ask them to vote NO on HB74 Validity of Marriages.

Extensive testimony in the federal court in Northern California found that the only reasons to oppose same-sex marriage were religious and moral. This bill violates the equal protection clause of both the Wyoming and U.S. Constitutions. HB74 would send a clear message of intolerance within Wyoming, and would limit Wyoming same-sex couple’s access to courts. This bill would also invalidate legally binding civil unions and marriages performed in other states. Take action NOW!!! Email your Senator TODAY.

Contact information for the Senate:

Sen. Ogden Driskill:
Sen. Jim Anderson:
Sen. Curt Meier:
Sen. Tony Ross:
Sen. Fred Emerich:
Sen. Wayne Johnson:
Sen. Leslie Nutting:
Sen. Floyd Esquibel:
Sen. Chris Rothfuss:
Sen. Phil Nicholas:
Sen. Larry S. Hicks:
Sen. Marty Martin:
Sen. John Hastert:
Sen. Stan Cooper:
Sen. Paul Barnard:
Sen. Dan Dockstader:
Sen. Leland Christensen:
Sen. Hank Coe:
Sen. R. Ray Peterson:
Sen. Gerald Geis:
Sen. Bruce Burns:
Sen. John Schiffer:
Sen. John Hines:
Sen. Michael Von Flatern:
Sen. Cale Case:
Sen. Eli Bebout:
Sen. Bill Landen:
Sen. Kit Jennings:
Sen. Drew Perkins:
Sen. Charles Scott: